About Me

This is what I do.

I started diving in August 2017 completing a PADI Open water and Advanced Course back to back. Freshly certified, it soon became apparent the reality was I had learnt how to use a set of breathing regulators and how to air share. Any decent understanding of buoyancy control and correct weighting was non existent.

I set out using the Web to conduct research in the hope I can make myself a better diver. This led me to joining a local BSAC club and completing the Sports Diver qualification. Oh, and I also happened to stumble across an agency called Global Underwater Explorers (GUE); I'll get to this a little later and how it has influenced me.

Why create a Site?

Honestly? I want to put into practice some dev skills, so expect to see some Vue JS dive related calculators and possibly some other random widgets. So as well as any posts / reviews I may write, this site will serve as a dev sandpit area I'm afraid.

I am *not* an Instructor

Any views or techniques expressed are either my own, or my attempt at implementing (possibly incorrectly) what I have been taught. To this end, please undertake your own training with a properly qualified instructor.

Please feel free to message me using the Contact page, should I have made a glaring error or omission.